Under 14’s Champs

30 September, 2014

We are very disappointed to have to say that – due to many reasons beyond ours or the CPGA’s control – for the first time in 15 years we have been unable to host the U14’s championships. It is tinged with sadness for us on the committee as we work hard each year to produce this event, and take great pride on the feedback we get on the day.

If we recall, the original date this summer was, after much deliberation, cancelled. We were sceptical due to the remnants of a hurricane arrived from across the Atlantic, however the decision was taken entirely out of our hands… The Environment Agency use Copperhouse Pool as a flood protection device for the town, and due to the abnormally high expected rainfall coupled with high spring tides, we were informed that use of the pool would have to be stopped and the pool drained at the appropriate state of tide to provide the protection.

On the day, we were glad of the decision as winds were high and the junior crews would have found it difficult to row in, despite the calm waters. So talks began with the the Harbourmaster and the E.A, both being very sympathetic to our causes. The pool, being very tidal, is only at a suitable depth for gig rowing approximately 8 tides per season. We did have one of these at our disposal in October, however another blow to our plans was taken when the Environment Agency were withdrawing the flood gates for maintenance! Unfortunate circumstances which cannot be helped, and despite ours and our Harbourmaster’s best efforts we were unable to provide an alternative date. Since then, we have discussed with the CPGA the situation and have agreed an action plan to minimise the chance of anything like this happening again! To all the juniors who were ready for their championship, we are deeply sorry.

We only hope that another club may have the facilities to host their event this autumn?!…