Azook emerges from the gig shed!

4 January, 2015


After many, many long days and nights, Azook is emerging from the gig shed smelling fresh, looking smart, and feeling light!

We owe Martyn Bromley a big thank-you for spending many painstaking hours overseeing her repainting, with many club members helping out at weekends – thank you to all involved! It takes a lot of time each winter maintaining our kit, but we pride ourselves on being one of the smarter gig clubs out there. Each winter we normally repaint at least one of our wooden gigs, and do any necessary work on our plastic, ‘Piala’.

This year was Azook’s turn. Last year Azook had a good overhaul on the inside, with the white ‘bilge’ being repainted, and the topcoat of varnish being sanded and re-done. This is quite a task as the 32ft boat has to be rolled over by hand – lots of hands needed! However, this year it was time to tackle the external paintwork. Martyn, with considerable help from other club members at weekends, led the operation, spending long hours ensuring things were ‘just so’ and that the finished article was something to be proud of – we can safely say it’s been a job well done! Special thanks also to Gareth Critchley and John Philp, who spent a lot of time with Martyn.

Due to the member’s hard work, Azook is now fully ready for use in training from the 2nd week in January. To put this into perspective, in previous years she has been unavailable until March, so normally the club has only the plastic gig ‘Piala’ to train in – making it quite difficult for the captains to fit in 6+ crews into a weekends tidal slot!

With this new bit of life breathed into her, Azook will now be treated with the same care as our flagship race boat, Arveth – new last year.

Our continued thanks go out to our sponsors, without whom we would not be able to keep the club active on the rowing circuit.

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